Educational Facility in North Vancouver, BC

Give your child a unique opportunity to learn and grow in a healthy, happy atmosphere. Enroll your child at Mums Montessori Childcare Centre, Ltd., a unique educational facility in North Vancouver, British Columbia.


Our child care centre offers both a full-time and a part-time program. Our teacher-to-child ratio is three teachers for every 20 children. The full-time program is offered five days of the week, all day, and the part-time program is offered two or three days of the week, all day.


Gradual Entry

Upon registration, the children will be gently introduced to their daycare environment for the first week by gradual entry. This means the child will come to school with the main caregiver (mother, father, etc.), who will then stay in the centre with him or her. This provides a friendlier transition from home to day care.

Parental Involvement

While your child gets this opportunity to bond with the teachers and classmates, it gives you a chance to connect as well. In addition, our regular monthly newsletter keeps you informed about upcoming activities.

The Role of the Teachers

The role of our staff is to create an atmosphere of order and joy in the classroom. Teachers help and encourage the children in all their efforts, allowing them to develop self-confidence and inner discipline. The teachers will carefully observe each child, their levels, and their requirements. From there, they slowly introduce new activities and presentations based on their assessment of the child’s progress and interests.

Each teacher invites the child to participate in every learning centre of the classroom, such as math, language, sensorial, practical life, and geography.
Observations help the teacher to know when and how to intervene as needed, and will help even the most timid child to develop a sense of self-worth. This ability is one of the most important talents the Montessori teachers acquire during a rigorous course of training.

Our teachers are competent, trained professionals with expertise in the education of young children. They understand the play and learning potential of their teaching environment. They are caring, nurturing, and devoted to meeting the children’s and parents’ needs. They coordinate their skills and strengths to reach a common goal. This provides a solid, organized learning environment upon which to plan and implement a curriculum where children feel emotionally and physically comfortable.

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